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Nicomedes Joaquin, more popularly known as Nick Joaquin, is one of the most distinguished creative writer, historian and journalist in the Philippines. He is known for his visual writing style that enables the reader to clearly imagine, if not experience, the story in his work.

Born in 1917 in Paco, Manila, young Nick, son of a colonel and a language teacher, grew up reading literary works in the National Museum and in his fathera��s library. He started his craft at the age of 17 as a proofreader and later on became a writer and an editor. His essay a�?La Naval de Manilaa�? enabled him to earn a scholarship to a Dominican monastery in Hong Kong.A� Joaquin continued to write even inside the monastery until he went back to the Philippines. He wrote the now known classics a�?May Day Evea�?, a�?The Woman Who Had Two Navelsa�? and a�?A Portrait of the Artist as Filipinoa�?, works that consistently blend a�?primitive emotions with sophisticated treatmenta�? (Locsin, 1991).

In the sixties, Joaquin shifted from creative writing to journalism. He calls his reportage a�?New Journalisma�?, marrying the facts with creative delivery without losing the truth of the news. Under the pen name Quijano de Manila, Nick worked for the Free Press as a contributing editor. His most famous works were a�?The House on Zapote Streeta�?, a narrative about a massacre on the said place and later adapted to film, and a�?Golden Girla�?, a story of Nora Aunor which Joaquin was called a bakya writer for writing it. Nick Joaquin was awarded National Artist for Literature in 1976 under the Marcos regime and is one of the three Filipino writers published by the Penguin Classics.

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