About Freeway

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all items available online?

Although not all our items are available online, we try to upload our all our products as much as possible.

Do you have an online store?

You may view our products on our website, freewayonline.com.ph, under the a�?Collectiona�? category. If the item you are viewing is available for purchase, a a�?buya�? button will appear. If you cana��t find a specific item under the a�?Collectiona�? category, you can try the a�?Shopa�? link.

What are your return & exchange policies?

You may return an item within 7 days upon date of purchase, provided that the item is in good condition. Kindly present sales receipt if you wish to request for return and exchange.

How will I know if Freeway is on sale or is having a sale event?

You can watch out for sale and promo announcements through our social media networks such as Facebook (facebook.com/FreewayOnline) and Twitter @FreewayOnline, or through our website under the a�?Promosa�? page.

Do you have XL/XXL or plus sizes?

Yes, we do. XL and XXL sizes are available for some styles, but not all.