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Freeway x Cesar Legaspi



Cesar Legaspi, awarded National Artist for Visual Arts in 1990, is a pioneer of modern art in the Philippines. He belonged to two artist groups a�?Thirteen Modernsa�? and a�?Neo-realistsa�?, art groups which instrumented the acceptance of modernism in the country when people were used to realism. Legaspia��s style of painting and illustration uses the western approach Cubism, but is of genuine Filipino context which could be traced to his experiences and observance of the Philippines before and after World War I. His paintings are also known for its choice of colors, consistent elements such as the human torso, man at work, and post-war scenes, and themes of struggle and labor. Legaspi created the classic works a�?Stairway to Heavena�?, a�?Mother and Childa�?, a�?Three Musiciansa�? and a�?Kargadora�?.

Freeway, home of theA�National Artist Collector’s Series,A�releases another remarkable collection of wearable art. In celebration of this year’s featured artist’s birth centennial isA�Freeway x LegaspiA�National Artist Collector’s Series. A variety of pieces intricately designed by the brand’s fashion artists, the collection offers modern statement pieces and essentials without taking away the authentic Cesar Legaspi aesthetic. The artworks were carefully chosen to showcase the range of artworks that Legaspi has made during his lifetime. His paintings are printed on silhouettes designed for work to play, making the artworks very wearable. The silhouettes range from trendy pieces to wardrobe staples. It features loose blouses, off and cold shoulder, shift dresses, and jumpsuits in different necklines to suit different styles.

Freeway x Legaspi Collared Shift Dress and Freeway x Legaspi Tunic Top Freeway x Legaspi Mother and Child Tent Top and Freeway x Legaspi Collared Shift Dress

The collection is available at all Freeway branches nationwide. SHOP ONLINE at www.therow.phA�or www. Zalora.com.ph.

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Thanks to Janilyn (www.facebook.com/Janylinshoes) for the footwear used in the campaign photos.