Freeway x Twinkle Ferraren 2012 Swimwear Collection: Feminine in Action

by Freeway, 2012
Freeway Hand woven swimwear 2012

Despite the late onset of the cool season, ita��s time to start planning your Summer threads!A� Get your beach bods ready to start summertime with a splash!

This time, Freewaya��s Summer 2012 Collection brings you another innovative collaboration with swimwear designer Twinkle Ferraren.A� Freeway x Twinkle Ferraren 2012 Swimwear Collection features her Hand Woven Collection. The intelligently handwoven strips of swimsuit fabric in the collection creates that sexy, fun and daring attitude of this summer season.A� As Ferrarena��s 3rd collaboration with Freeway, she gushes, a�?This is a fusion of different visions, aesthetics and styles. Ita��s always nice working with Freeway because I get to express other emotions and styles aside from just my own.a�?

a�?I describe this collection as a�?feminine in actiona�?. The collection features handwoven braids, weave designs and appliquA� in sporty, active silhouettes with a hint of feminine details.A� Her inspiration for this collection is her amazement with the great talent of our local weavers, the very intricate patterns and the passion that comes with it.A� With a keen understanding of what women want, the collection does not sacrifice style and feminity no matter how active or sporty their lifestyle gets. a�?More and more women are now getting into sports, being active and keeping healthy thru dance, sports and water activities.A� Ita��s great to see some feminine details in what we wear most especially in swimweara�?, Ferraren shared.A� With the successful handpainted collection for Freeway in the last few years, Ferraren ventures into another labor intensive beautiful application that makes each piece a keeper.A� a�?As a designer, it is a task and an honor at the same time to bring to light the persona��s inner beauty and unique personality whenever she wears your creationsa�?, Ferraren answered when asked on how she applies life lessons to clothes and designing.

To complement the sporty chic swimwear collection by Twinkle Ferraren, Freeway showcases wide array of beautiful cover-ups, hyperbright summer dresses, flirty tops and flattering bottoms to make you stand-out this summer season.

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