James Reyesa�� Designer Doodles Collection 2014

by Freeway, 2014
Freeway Designer Doodle Blog

About the Collection

Freeway brings you another array of timeless yet quirky pieces by collaborating with creative director-cum-designer James Reyes with Designer Doodles! Picture this: A flowy tank top with original doodle by James Reyes himself, a classic black and white button-down top with adorable fashion sketches on the hem, and a 40a��s inspired-dress adorned by a James Reyes sketch to name a few.

James Reyes design aesthetic is a fresh take claiming to be very particular with the proportioning of design elements yet maintaining playful sketches to the eyes!

Paired with Freewaya��s cuts and silhouettes- a showcase of simplistic lines and basic shapes flattering a womana��s curves, this collection is a variety of tops and dresses featuring easy to wear pieces and key classics that are both functional and chic at the same time. Pieces are presented in blacks, whites, and reds, all capturing a womana��s maturity and charm.

The Freeway Designer Doodles CollectionA�will feature monthly doodles and sketches to add texture and character to that super wearable outfit! Another one ofA�Freeway’sA�brainchild to Celebrate the Filipino Talent!

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