Levi Celerio, National Artist for Music

by Freeway, 2012
Levi Celerio Bio

About the National Artist

Levi CelerioA�(April 30, 1910 – April 2, 2002) is aA�FilipinoA�composer and lyricist.

He received aA�scholarshipA�to the Academy of Music in Manila and became the youngest member of the Manila Symphony Orchestra. He wrote several number of songs for localA�movies, which earned for him the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Film Academy of the Philippines. Celerio has writtenA�lyricsA�for more than 4,000 FilipinoA�folk, Christmas, andA�love songs, including many that became movie titles.

Known for being a goodA�lyricist, his songs cherish life, convey nationalistic sentiments and utter grand philosophies. Celerio wrote more than 4,000 songs, among them are popular pieces, which many consider to be immortal. Some of his popular love songs include:A�Saan Ka Man Naroroon?,A�Kahit Konting Pagtingin,A�Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal,A�Kapag Puso’y Sinugatan, andA�Ikaw,A�O Maliwanag na Buwan,A�Dahil Sa Isang Bulaklak,Sa Ugoy ng Duyan,A�Bagong Pagsilang, andA�Sapagkat Kami’y Tao Lamang, while his folk songs includeA�Ang Pipit,A�Tinikling,A�Tunay na Tunay,A�Itik-Itik,A�Waray-Waray,A�Pitong Gatang,A�Ako ay May Singsing,A�Alibangbang,A�Alembong,A�Galawgaw,A�Caprichosa,A�Ang Tapis ni Inday,A�Dungawin Mo Hirang,A�Umaga na Neneng,A�Ikaw Kasi, andA�Basta’t Mahal Kita. Celerio also wrote nationalistic songs such asA�Ang Bagong Lipunan,A�Lupang Pangarap, andA�Tinig ng Bayan.

Celerio A�is probably best recognized for being a leaf-player, an achievement where he was place into the Guinness Book of World Records as the only man who could play music with a leaf. On October 9, 1997, he was proclaimed National Artist for Music and Literature. A�His citation read that his music “was a perfect embodiment of the heartfelt sentiments and valued traditions of the Filipino.a�?

He died at the Delgado Clinic in Quezon City on April 2, 2002 at the age of 91.

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